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Inside Sales – 5 Steps to Use Social Media to Access Decision Makers

In past articles, we’ve talked about the benefits of getting direct dial numbers for decision makers in order to increase contact ratios. Well, here’s another tip to help boost your contact ratios and avoid gatekeepers: Contact the decision maker via social media (LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+ specifically). It may seem like an indirect form of […]

How Inside Sales Reps Can Use PR to Help Drive Leads

Have you noticed something with remote sales? It’s becoming more social. As social media has taken a greater hold on our everyday routines, it makes sense that it has blended into the professional part of people’s lives too. For sales reps, knowing how to use social media for promotion and generating good content for leads […]

Google+ for Sales Reps: Applying the Social Media Tool to Prospects and Customers

Google+, the neglected middle child of the social media world, is rising quickly in popularity with the professional world. Sales reps, especially, should take note that it can be their own secret weapon. Obviously, the powerhouse of social selling is LinkedIn. The B2B social media platform is full of professionals looking to network and other […]

How Inside Sales Reps Can Create Customized Google+ URLs for Easy Sharing

Like it or not, Google+ is becoming the SEO giant of the social media world. If you’ve read any of my previous articles on Forbes.com or KenKrogue.com you know that content is the future of SEO—including social media. It’s important that every industry professional, not just within inside sales, start to position themselves as an […]

How to Get Comments: Building an Online Community Through Social Media (Part 1)

How you interact socially online can help or harm you. In this two part blog series I’m going to focus on the method to ask for comment and leave comments in order to build following on your blog. Social media currency (the value we hold for something) is huge, and an important part to the […]

Forbes.com: 3 Google Tools to Check Before Starting a Business

Great News! Ken Krogue has accepted an invitation to become a weekly Forbes Online contributor. If you are interested in keeping well-informed of new tips and techniques regarding lead generation  and sales management best practices, please follow Ken Krogue, President of InsideSales.com, on Forbes Online. You can view his first blog post by clicking the link […]