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Inside Sales Top Challenges: New Research

Inside Sales Top Challenges: New Research

Every year, we team up with the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) to survey sales leaders and reps to determine their top challenges. This year, more than 300 people responded to our survey. Leaders Training and development were the biggest thorns in the sides of sales leaders this year. Sales organizations are always […]

How To Maximize Results Through Inside Sales and Marketing Automation – New Webinar

Ken Krogue, President and co-Founder of InsideSales.com, along with Jon Miller, VP of Marketing and co-Founder of Marketo, joined forces in a webinar (recorded July 18, 2012) to highlight a number of high-value best practices for marketing and sales professionals who want to accommodate the change in buyer behavior. Buyer behavior has shifted as society […]

Building a High Velocity Inside Sales Team: Recruiting, Hiring and Managing (Part 2)

[This article is part of a multi-blog series on how to build a high velocity sales team. View Part 1 here. To the view the original 5-part webinar training series on how to build a high velocity sales team, conducted by Ken Krogue, click here.] According to research conducted by InfoUSA in May 2009, inside sales is growing […]

New Inside Sales Research: Lead Generation Metrics & Sales Compensation

Research specifically reflecting the behavior and trends within inside sales organizations is a rare commodity.  One organization that has been conducting focused research on our industry since 2007 is The Bridge Group, based in Hudson, Mass.  This consulting firm has been helping B2B technology companies build, expand and optimize their inside sales strategies since 1988. […]

Outside vs. Inside Sales: How to Best Improve Lead Management

The inside sales industry is increasingly gaining recognition for its efficiency in responding to leads and lead management. Last week, I was interviewed for the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) radio show (podcast) to share my vision of how inside sales fits in with the rest of the sales and lead response industry. If you […]

Fitting in with Inside Sales as an Outsider

I was drawn to apply for the education specialist position at InsideSales.com because the job description included writing. As a recent graduate from a journalism program, I was intrigued by a writing position within a sales organization. “What could these telemarketers possibly need from my skillset?” I asked myself. Clearly I wouldn’t be in my usual […]