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Artificial Intelligence Ready or Not? Sales Executives Are

Artificial Intelligence Ready or Not? Sales Executives Are

For many years, artificial intelligence has been grounded in science fiction, academic projects and invariably rendered an ever-receding destination society was consistently “five years away from.” While our current reality doesn’t reflect the stereotypical dystopian Hollywood narrative rooted in robots, what it does indicate is that AI has in fact successfully made its way into […]

The Sales Revolution: Selling More Via Personalized Sales Engagement

The Sales Revolution: Selling More Via Personalized Sales Engagement

InsideSales.com CEO Dave Elkington kicked off Accelerate 16 by thanking the sales leaders in attendance for participating in the new Sales Revolution. Elkington reminded the audience that inside sales is a scientific approach to sales based on testing and measurement that leads to continuous improvement. He noted that InsideSales.com is focused on using data and […]

Cold Calling Tactics for Inside Sales Reps from the Salesforce User Group

The Salesforce Users Group met in the new Adobe building in Lehi, Utah. During the meeting a lot of information was discussed and traded among Salesforce users. One of those things was the secret to turning a 30 second conversation into 3 minutes. Brandt Page, from Launch Leads, shared how to turn a blow off […]

Why Become an Inside Sales Rep? Insights from Inside Sales Experts

Dave Elkington, CEO and co-founder of InsideSales.com, recently predicted that outside sales is on its way out while inside sales, the up-and-coming sales method, is going nowhere but up. “In five years, 10 years, outside sales won’t exist the way it exists today,” Dave said. “The boundaries of inside sales, I think, we haven’t even […]

Google+ for Sales Reps: Applying the Social Media Tool to Prospects and Customers

Google+, the neglected middle child of the social media world, is rising quickly in popularity with the professional world. Sales reps, especially, should take note that it can be their own secret weapon. Obviously, the powerhouse of social selling is LinkedIn. The B2B social media platform is full of professionals looking to network and other […]

CRM Adoption – Why Some Inside Sales Reps Don’t Fully Utilize a CRM

Leads are fickle things.  Who of us hasn’t been on that call when things went south? Why are leads so hard to convert to sales?  There have been many studies that talk about that, but I wanted to talk about the nitty-gritty reasons why we often don’t get the results we expect; CRM adoption. The […]

Onboarding vs. On the Job Training

When it comes to hiring new reps, companies can approach the training process in two different ways: throwing the reps to the wolves or creating a learning environment through an onboarding experience. Sure there is an initial investment with onboarding, but the return on investment on prepared sales reps far exceeds the initial cost. Before […]

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