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The #1 Way to Increase Sales Revenue – Sales Reps Take Note

I’m a marketer at insidesales.com and I’m hijacking the sales blog today. I’m writing on behalf of marketers everywhere, and I’m calling out sales professionals. The Goal of Inbound Marketers First, let me say that I like my job and I take it seriously. I strongly feel the need to produce more leads for sales. […]

How to Close Sales: 6 Annoying Sales Tactics to Avoid

You get on the phone, dial the number, and wait. What comes next can either be a flop or a  gold mine for you. But, have you ever wonder if your sales tactics could come across as annoying when it comes to your sales pitch? Well, a group of people over on LinkedIn in The […]

How to Avoid Losing a Sale: 5 Common Inside Sales Mistakes (Part 3)

Know Your Product and How to Sell It: Hand in Hand With Knowledge and Success In the previous blog articles in this series (Part I and Part II), I have pointed out four common reasons why sales professionals lose sales. From what I have seen in the industry, the final reason why sales professionals lose […]

How to Avoid Losing a Sale: 5 Common Inside Sales Mistakes (Part 2)

The Importance of Contact Time and How to Close a Deal In continuing with the theme (from a previous  blog) of common mistakes sales reps make that result in lost sales, here are 2 more examples of common mistakes and how to avoid them.  Reason #3: The sales rep is probably not asking for the […]

What is Inside Sales – Vocab Definitions to Know

Here at the Insider, we understand that for new followers some of the words we use might go completely over your head – especially for some of you newbies. So to help out in understanding what we are writing about we have created a list of 10 words we use everyday with short explanations of […]

Inc. Magazine Highlights InsideSales.com Study in “How to Best Harness Inbound Marketing Leads”

Inc. Magazine has just become another major publication to note the importance of our research on responding immediately and persistently to inbound leads. Eric Markowitz is a well known writer for Inc., Vanity Fair, and the Washington Square News and summarizes the research of Dr. James B Oldroyd and our own CEO, Dave Elkington. His […]

The (Increasingly) Not-so-Secret Reasons You Need a Better Lead Generation Team

The message of Monday’s blog this week is short and sweet: If you’re a B2B sales organization, it’s more important than ever to have a dedicated lead generation and qualification team. The Bridge Group’s Matt Bertuzzi showed recently that 43% of organizations surveyed by CSO Insights were increasing their sales team size by at least […]

Monday Quick Hit: For Marketing Sherpa’s Ann Holland, the Drum Beats On

When Ann Holland from MarketingSherpa asked Dave Elkington and I to present InsideSales.com’s research findings back in 2007, I’ll admit we were excited for a chance to “show off” a little bit what we thought was some “pretty cool little research” on lead management and lead response. To say that the response since then has […]

Inside Sales: Two Hidden Metrics of Prospecting That are Hurting Your Sales

Most of the common marketing and sales and metrics—click-throughs, impressions, sales cycle, revenue per deal—don’t really need an explanation. But there are two metrics where a lot of companies we’ve worked with have holes in their sales process.

  • Response time to first contact on Web leads:
  • How soon after a new Web lead comes in does a sales rep make the first contact attempt, and how long after it came in did they actually make contact? Every single piece of data we’ve ever researched shows that for Web-generated leads, immediate response is crucial . . . .

    Sales Management – “Hello, Massive Disconnect? This is Your Friend, Crappy Performance.”

    I bumped into this post on The New Sales Economy, and thought it was a worthwhile read on inside sales best practices (thanks to Trish Bertuzzi for the link). Using The Bridge Group’s data, author Chad Levitt asks nine highly relevant, incisive questions about the current state of professional inside sales. I was particularly interested […]

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