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Dreamforce 2015 ResponseAudits to Reveal New Trends in Lead Response

Dreamforce 2015 ResponseAudits to Reveal New Trends in Lead Response

Dreamforce is one of the most anticipated events of the year. As Salesforce’s annual convention, it is the time of year when people gather together to gain knowledge, share ideas, and see all of the newest features that will be released in Salesforce. Every year, in conjunction with Dreamforce, InsideSales.com releases its Annual Lead Response […]

Epic Salesforce.com Infographic on Lead Response Research

Salesforce.com included a ton of InsideSales.com’s research in an epic infographic about Online vs. Offline Leads. Some of the highlights from the infographic include: Companies that respond immediately and persistently to leads experience a 340 percent lift in results. Only 0.9 percent of companies follow the best practice of contacting a lead within five minutes. […]

What is ZMOT and How Does it Affect Inside Sales Teams?

Mick Hollison, new CMO at InsideSales.com, spent some time during the Inside Sales Virtual Summit discussing the changing relationship between sales and marketing. He also focused on how technology is affecting these changes and gave tips on how to take advantage of the current trends.

Power Dialer Proves Natural Selection Right

Technology is speeding ahead at a break neck speed and all too often we forget to look behind and see the ground we’ve covered. The dialer is one of those technological advances, and a subtle one that’s been ignored. The infamous predictive dialer was one of the early dialers around (and sadly still in use) […]

The Cycle of Customer Loyalty: 8 Tips to Live By

You know you’re doing something right if you can develop loyal customers. Perhaps the more difficult challenge is maintaining loyal customers. So what’s the key? The first principle of customer loyalty is following the Golden Rule – something we all learned in elementary school. As an additional help, follow this strategy cycle of eight tips […]

5 Products That Help You Stop Losing Leads

You know you’re losing leads, and losing them fast! After reading the Lead Response Management Study, you know that a lot of those hard earned leads are drifting to the gutter and won’t be seen again if you don’t figure something out soon. In fact, additional research shared by Ken Krogue in a recent Forbes.com […]

5 Ways to Get Leads to Call Back

Looking into a new year, it’s important to set goals of where you want your business to go over the next 12+ months. That being said, for the inside sales industry specifically, one of the most important goals should be to increase lead contact and qualification. To help with increasing sales contact ratios, we’ve laid out 5 […]

How to Reach Your Sales Quota During the Holidays

Snow is settling on the ground, carols are sung, menorahs are lit, and the tradition of buying more than what most people will need commences. It’s the holidays! And there lies the problem. If you don’t already have a strong pipeline leading into when the holidays hit, the inside sales world struggles a little bit. […]

Forbes.com – Latest Inside Sales Research Shows it’s All About the Leads

Well, the election is over. Just as President Obama is continuing the task of fixing problems within the country, sales professionals are trying to rectify the issues sales reps are commonly experiencing. In Ken Krogue’s latest Forbes.com article, Ken discusses best practices to fix the most common problems sales reps are facing today. After the […]

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