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Inside Sales Professionals: How Far has the Modern Marketer Come? – B2B Magazine Asks

In the March 4, 2013 edition of BtoB, the magazine for marketing strategists, the question was raised by Eloqua Inc., a marketing automation company and customers of InsideSales.com, if marketers were at the level of what they perceived as the “modern marketer”. The results were surprising. The study, “Defining the Modern Marketer: From Ideal to […]

Hiring Journalists for Inbound Marketing

I had an intriguing conversation with Mark Roberge, SVP of Sales & Services at HubSpot, at the SellingPower Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco last fall. Keep reading to learn the genius strategy that he shared with me. Getting on the ski lift at Alta, Utah last weekend I struck up a conversation with the young […]

Inside Sales and Marketing Alignment – Practice What We Preach

As a sales or marketing professional, it’s fairly obvious that these two departments work closely together – or at least they should. Marketing is responsible for generating quality leads for sales, and sales is responsible for contacting and closing those leads and generating revenue. In order for these departments to be successful and drive business, […]

Forbes.com – Social Nurturing: 7 Critical Steps to ACQUIRE Influential Contacts through Social Media

Have you had difficulty getting to know influential people? Have you tried social media? InsideSales.com has developed a new and powerful model in how to develop relationships, we call it Social Nurturing. Part of what makes social media so effective is the fact that it grants tools and access to people like the world has […]

Inside Sales Training: How Do You Define a Lead?

How do you define a lead? From a marketing perspective, I would define a lead as someone who is interested in a product and submits their contact information to receive additional information or a sales call. Thomas Oldroyd, Senior Director of Marketing at InsideSales.com, took this a step further and defined a Marketing Qualified Lead […]