Intelligent Communication Technology

Why is the predictive dialer not the best solution?

Predictive dialers abandon 2-3% of your calls with every call attempt, don’t work well calling B2B, and only “predict” call time—not appointments or sales. We don’t believe ANY expensive web leads should be abandoned.

Predictive dialers only enhance call time, but our intelligent dialer software predicts who and when to call to actually increase qualifications & sales and is coupled with our PowerDialer platform that never drops calls.

  • Predictive algorithms predict how many lines to dial … effort.
  • Our algorithm predicts how to get a sale … results.

And we never abandon a call!

Benefits of our technology over predictive dialing:

  • More Sales (67% more sales than leading predictive dialer in recent case study)
  • Blended Inbound / Outbound Productivity
  • Callers Never Abandon
  • Designed for B2B or complex B2C sales
  • One Click Voice Messaging
  • Perfect Voice Quality
  • CRM Integration Increases Productivity
  • Full Power with only 1 User (versus 8-10 Users)
  • Reporting Visibility

* If it takes 10 calls to make a contact (10% contact rate) and you abandon 2-3% of the calls that you attempt (which is typical with a traditional predictive dialer), then on average you will abandon 2-3 calls for every 10 people you contact (20% to 30% of net calls).