The Sales Growth Challenge

Learn how leveraging A.I. and Neuralytics can help you run your sales team

What Reps Really Need to Grow Sales

We’ve spent thousands of hours with sales reps and their challenge is simple: “How do I prioritize my time to be most productive?” They want to know things like: Who should I should spend time with? Which accounts are going to buy? What actions do I need to take to close the deal? And what should I be forecasting?

The Rep Growth Challenge

Without tools and processes to help them, reps spend an average of 68% of their time doing this research. And yet, salespeople aren’t actually that good at prioritizing their time against the right accounts and activities. Reps spend 50% of their time on deals that will never close. It’s no wonder that industry-wide, only 57% of sales people hit quota last year and because of that, approximately a third of sales teams turn over every year. This means you as sales leaders get to see this madness repeated over and over again as new reps come in and experience similar struggles.

Unleashing Sales Growth Through Science

At we believe that salespeople can sell more by incorporating data science and technology into the way they actually sell. Data science offers reliable answers to the questions salespeople ask most often, such as: Where should I focus my time? Who should I sell to? What actions should I take? Data science can do this because it is able weigh thousands of attributes that make up an ideal prospect or next best action in a way that the human brain simply cannot. Reps need this super power incorporated into the way they work both in and out of the CRM.

Sales Acceleration Platform for Predictable Sales Growth

InsideSales delivers a sales acceleration platform that leverages data science to help sales reps sell more. At the heart of the platform is Neuralytics, our big data, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence engine which leverages the industry’s largest collection of sales interaction data to help reps do their jobs better and more efficient. The recommendations and prescriptions from Neuralytics are served to reps through a set of applications that run on top of your CRM. Those apps benefit from the predictive power of Neuralytics, and as reps make phone calls, send emails, and manage their forecasts, InsideSales apps automatically populate call data, email data, forecast data etc. back into the CRM. Finally, we offer assistance with the all-important sales process transformations

Where is Your Team on the Sales Growth Maturity Curve™?

InsideSales has developed a tool to map out the journey to sustained, predictive sales growth: The Sales Growth Maturity Curve™. This tool breaks achieving predictive sales growth into manageable steps. Our team of sales process experts are available to help determine where you’re at on the Sales Growth Maturity Curve, and plot out the data science, technology and process changes that will take you to the next step and beyond. Getting to full maturity on this scale is closer than you think. Our system of growth is designed to help companies accelerate this maturity journey.

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