Predictive Pipeline

See a Clear Path to Hit Your Number

One of the hardest jobs for any sales manager is managing pipeline with each rep so they know what to forecast and how to hit their number.

Predictive Pipeline uses AI to guide them with insights into how they’re trending towards quota and what they can do to close their pipeline gaps.

Know What Has Changed in Your Pipeline

Predictive Pipeline helps teams stay on track to quota by capturing pipeline changes over any period. The AI for sales engine uncovers change trends to answer sales cycle questions like:

  • Which deals have moved in and out of pipeline?
  • Which deals have moved in and out of commit?
  • Are committed deals progressing?

Quick views into what has changed over time can cut pipeline management and sales forecasting time by 50%

Know Which Reps to Focus On

Managers don’t always know which reps need help. Predictive Pipeline gives you dynamic insights into your teams so you can see:

  • Which reps are on track to quota
  • Which reps have enough pipeline coverage
  • Which committed deals for each rep are likely to close
  • And which deals should they focus on

Know Which Deals

to Focus On

Sales teams spend almost 3X the amount of time on sales deals that won’t close compared to deals that will close. Predictive Pipeline gives you visibility into deals that require attention, including:

  • Deals likely to close
  • Deals not in commit that should be
  • Deals in commit that shouldn’t be

Feature Breakdown


Opportunity Close Model

Predict likelihood of an opportunity to close

Opportunity Forecast Model

Predict likelihood of an opportunity closing in the current quarter vs next quarter

Recommended Actions

Artificial Intelligence suggests sales rep actions that are likely to generate the highest return


What If Analysis
Runs “what if” analyses that recast the current pipeline based on past sales hierarchies, or vice versa.

Pivot Views
Pivot the sales forecast and aggregate deals by account, product, geography, vertical and more. This eliminates spreadsheets by generating a single forecast that can meet the needs of everyone in the company.


Adaptive Hierarchies
Automatically inherit sales hierarchies from the CRM and generate territory-based forecasts with no configuration.

Dynamic Visualization
See the most important facets of your pipeline on a single-page dashboard with dynamic sales reporting on deals and quota attainment.

“Predictive Pipeline helps us be more strategic in what we do,
and that drives long-term success.”



Katherine Mendoza

VP, Sales Ops and Reporting


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