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5 Account Manager Plays to Drive Renewals and Expansions

Account managers, who are focused on renewing or growing existing customer accounts, are increasingly a strategic part of the sales…


Drive Renewals and Expansions with Inteligent Cadence

Do you need more renewal & up-sell opportunities in your pipeline? Are you looking for technology to help you increase…

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The Truth Behind Successful Sales Cadences

Every sales rep is required to build pipeline. The best strategies for doing this are constantly debated and terms like…


Cold Calling vs Digital Prospecting

If you missed it, we had the fight of the century! Last month, we had more than 30,000 video views…

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14 Questions You Should Be Able to Answer on Every Pipeline Review Call

Every good sales leader runs a weekly pipeline review call with his sales reps. When done well, these calls help…

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Call Scoring Framework to Evaluate Phone Sales Performance

Every day, your sales development team is making proactive outbound sales calls. Or at least they should be.  But how often…

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[Case Study] No More Zombie Deals – Cleaning Up the Pipeline Increases Sales by 10%

Ever had that one deal that you’ve been chasing for months, and keeps slipping from quarter to quarter in your…

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The Gap Between Sales Forecasting and Reality

Sales Leaders have the vital responsibility of making accurate forecasts that drive decision-making across their organizations. This entails consistently predicting…

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5 Secrets to Forecasting Every Sales Leader Must Know

A good sales leader sets quota targets every quarter. A great sales leader coaches their team and shows them exactly…


Running the Perfect Pipeline Review Call with’s Predictive Pipeline™

Sales activity consistently spikes at the end of the month, but what managers don’t know is that this is costing…

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[Executive Summary] High Impact Mailers

Done right, direct mailers are an effective method of generating responses from B2B prospects. We surveyed over 300 industry professionals…

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Frost and Sullivan Report: How Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting Sales

Sales leaders are betting on Artificial Intelligence as the technology that will disrupt sales, shows a Frost and Sullivan analyst…

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