The Four Step Process to Win as a Sales Development Representative (SDR)

One of main challenges for sales development representatives is to identify target accounts, build rapport, and optimize their sales cadences. Often what is missing is a true and tested sales pipeline growth plan to increase productivity and efficiency.

With so much of representative’s time going into researching leads, it’s crucial to have a seamless process for sales development. Sales leaders cannot afford having their representatives chasing leads which do not close.

The webinar will take you through four rules that sales development representatives need to follow to achieve fast and substantial pipeline growth:

  1. Identify prospects by answering three key questions: To whom do you sell? Why do you sell?, and What do you sell?
  2. Contact leads with strong rapport statements, strategic plays, and a perfect first call sequence
  3. Qualify the leads into opportunities with a fail-proof qualification model
  4. Pass the opportunities on by working effectively with your account executive and ensuring your appointments hold

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