Playmakers: The Four Step Process to Win as a Sales Development Representative

Should we even have sales development reps? How should sales development reps identify target accounts, build rapport, and optimize their sales cadences?

If you’re unsure about any of the above, then you really need to attend this webinar.

If you believe that your pipeline should be growing faster than it is (and it probably should), then you probably know that it’s not a lack of ideas or “knowing what to do” that’s keeping you from growing.

It’s the lack of a true growth plan. Good news, you can just have mine!

Join me for a brand new training I’m calling, “The Four Step Process to Win as a Sales Development Representative” to learn how to:

  • Identify prospects by answering three key questions; To whom do you sell? Why do you sell? And what do you sell?
  • Contact leads with strong rapport statements, strategic plays, and a perfect first call sequence
  • Qualify the leads into opportunities with a strong qualification model
  • Pass the opportunities by working effectively with your account executive and ensuring your appointments hold


Watch the webinar