Games Buyers Play, And What You Can Do About It

Today’s buyer is well-educated but not always upfront with suppliers. You or your team have heard these statements from your prospects before: “we are thinking about switching products,” or “if you can put together a compelling proposal we may be interested,” or, “our old product just isn’t working for us.”

These common buyer statements can get us excited but lead us astray if we don’t recognize what is really going on.

In this webinar we will take an eye-opening look at the deficiencies of modern-day selling systems and sales management efforts that are not delivering on plan.

Both sales and sales management professionals will benefit from learning how to approach the modern buyer and use efficient and productive systems to hit plan.

Learn How To:

  • Identify the real problem your buyers are looking to solve
  • Use a selling system to make continuous progress
  • Understand and lower the barriers to effective communication
  • Avoid “free consulting” with drawings, plans and proposals
  • Effectively build trust and mutually beneficial business relationships
  • Have fun in your sales career

Watch the webinar