Give-to-Get: A Sales Template to Build $1.5m in Pipeline

Sales is about giving as much as it is about getting back. The truth is, 15 minutes of a prospect’s time is actually a pretty big ask these days, so you had better have a very compelling offer for them to give you this time. At, we ran a play that included giving companies a free audit in exchange for an appointment– and today, we’re giving YOU this sales play template for free.

With the ‘give-to-get’ play, we asked ourselves ‘What is the one thing that we can do for our customers today to help them be successful?” – and that’s how the response audit was born:

For four weeks, we audited sales teams at 300 companies to see how they were doing on response times compared to industry benchmarks, and sending them back their results. This simple effort brought us 29 held appointments and $1.5 million in pipeline.

Download the Give-to-Get Sales Play Template

We’ve summarized our sales strategy, call sequence as well as phone call, email and social scripts into an easy to read sales play template. Download our sales play template to learn:

  • How to create a sales strategy meant to help your customer
  • What kind of call scripts we used to get our prospect’s attention
  • What sequence we used for our sales development follow-up to get a 70% appointment hold rate

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