[Infographic] How Good is Your Sales Development Team?

How Good is Your Sales Development Team?

The sales development landscape changes every day, and new tools, technologies and methods are brought into play as sales leaders try to solve the problem of quota attainment, which is at 67% for SDR’s. Some sales reps perform well, and others just don’t.

In the State of Sales Development 2018 research report, we looked at over 320 companies to see how companies use the role of sales development and what they are doing to make their teams successful.

We found that SDR’s have a tough job, actively managing around 100+ accounts and 500+ contacts, as well as performing (they say!) around 100 activities per day.

Looking at what other sales development reps are doing to gauge the effectiveness of your team is a good way to find out where you are on the map.

Download the infographic to find out what the benchmarks are for sales development performance:

  • How many activities are SDR’s doing per day, and how many conversations do they lead to?
  • What is the rate of appointments held and opportunities created for one SDR?
  • How many opportunities are accepted, and how can SDR’s work better to improve their results?

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