Infographic: The Inbound and Outbound Guide to Lead Response

Lead response management is a crucial discipline that sales teams need to master. But how your respond to your most valuable leads will always be dependent on what type of sales model you operate in and the structure of your sales team.

It’s not always clear how to create a balance between inbound and outbound sales activities. How many calls should you place? How should you follow-up, and how many times? All these questions are common to sales teams and managers alike.

For this purpose, we’ve created the inbound and outbound guide to lead response. The guide will show you how to create an effective sales cadence strategy for responding and following up with your most valuable prospects.

Download the Inbound and Outbound Lead Response Guide

Download the infographic to learn:

  • How you need to structure inbound lead response, when compared to outbound sales
  • What communication channels work better for inbound vs outbound sales
  • How your sales model (relational vs transactional) impacts your lead response strategy


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