[Infographic] Sales Follow-up Strategy Guide

Everybody can cold call, but it’s the follow-up strategy that separates winners from the losers in the sales world. A well planned sales follow-up cadence can nearly double your contact rates and make a significant difference to your revenue attainment.

The “Definitive Guide to Sales Cadence” by Gabe Larsen is an in-depth, 30 page guide that shows you exactly how to structure your sales activities to guarantee success.

Then again, we know you are busy selling, so we’ve put together a short infographic with the most important findings in the book. This easy to follow visual guide has the answers to sales rep’s most common questions on how to do properly follow up on leads.

Download the Sales Follow-up Guide Infographic

Download the “Sales Follow-up Guide” infographic to learn:

  • How your sales model (transactional vs. relational) changes the way you contact prospects
  • Why outbound sales reps need to think differently compared to inbound reps
  • How to find a cadence of sales activities that makes sense for your business


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