[Infographic] How 578 Sales Leaders Are Solving The Pipeline Challenge Today

Sales leadership is an increasingly difficult profession, with B2B sales deals taking longer to close and having more decision-makers involved. The average tenure of a sales leader is also decreasing, standing today at 5.7 years (17% less than their previous role).

To understand current sales issues, InsideSales.com Labs polled 578 sales leaders leaders to see how they are moving to solve their biggest sales challenges. Most sales leaders believe their biggest problems are recruiting and hiring (40.8%), sales culture (37.5%) , and lead quality and quantity (25.9%).

At the same time, leaders are increasingly convinced (especially in larger companies) that AI can be a solution for their sales challenges, but most do not understand it or do not have access to it.

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  • What sales leaders are doing to solve recruiting and hiring problems
  • How they approach sales process issues, such as lead quality and quantity
  • How leaders view Artificial Intelligence as part of the solution to their biggest challenges

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