[Infographic] State of Sales 2017 Infographic: The Sales Industry, at a Glance

The sales industry is constantly changing. New technologies are innovating the way sales reps connect with their prospects and customers. Our State of Sales 2017 infographic summarizes everything that you need to know about the current sales industry and what trends are emerging.

How The Sales Industry is Changing

The infographic was created using the “State of Sales 2017” research. Our study polled 1,151 companies on the sales structure, sales technology systems, people and compensation that they use to get more business.

Download the infographic to learn:

  • What’s the breakdown between inside and outside sales reps, and how many sales development reps companies have
  • How much are companies spending on sales technology systems, and how it helps
  • How much does an average sales rep get paid, and what types of compensation companies use to motivate their reps.

You can download the executive summary of the State of Sales study, or see our infographic.


state of sales 2017 infographic


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