How One Sales Rep Built $700K in Sales Pipeline Using The Coffee Play

The problem with account-based sales is it’s an idea most people have heard about but nobody knows what to do with it. For this reason, effective account-based sales requires reps to THINK and SELL differently.

We have a secret. We’ve cracked the code on account-based sales plays and as a valued follower, we want to share one of our biggest secrets – it’s called the Coffee Play and it has brought some BIG results in less than three months:

  • 42% of contacts accepted a meeting
  • $700,000 in sales pipeline
  • $147,000 in sales

Join our webinar to find out exactly how we did it and:

  • What is account-based sales
  • How to use gifts and hand-written notes in the sales process
  • How to run the coffee play successfully in your organization

Watch the webinar