Why Your Reps Are Not Hitting Quota and How They Can

53% of sales reps don’t hit quota and most sales leaders don’t know what to do about that. At the end of the year, there is a conversation between a manager and a rep and that conversation is summed up usually as “do better.”  That doesn’t work and sales leaders know it but what can they do differently? Some leaders turn to their CRM and try to determine why some reps achieve quota while others don’t but the exercise typically brings minimal benefits.

To solve this challenge, sales leaders need REAL visibility into what their reps are doing and not doing to build pipeline and close deals and that’s where we come in. InsideSales.com has recently created an assessment called the Sales Effectiveness Quadrant™ (SEQ). The SEQ is a prescriptive assessment that turns your bottom performers into top performers by analyzing and segmenting your sellers on characteristics that lead to pipeline creation and more closed deals. 

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Industry benchmarks for pipeline management
  • What behaviors may be leading to low quota attainment
  • What companies are doing to solve the quota challenge
  • What is the Sales Effectiveness Quadrant™ and how can it help sellers


Watch the webinar