5 Secrets to Forecasting Every Sales Leader Must Know

A good sales leader sets quota targets every quarter. A great sales leader coaches their team and shows them exactly how they can meet and even exceed their sales targets. With so many variables in the game though, most organizations fail to accurately forecast sales revenue.

According to SiriusDecisions, 79% of companies miss their targets by more than 10%.

To reverse this trend, sales teams need to take a more sophisticated approach to forecasting. And they’ll see an immediate impact by enriching human judgement with data and science.
A Better Way to do Sales Forecasting
Download “The 5 Secrets to Forecasting” white paper to understand how smart sales leaders can dramatically improve their sales forecasting accuracy, by taking steps such as:

  • Identify and promote the right rep behaviors
  • Measure pipeline value the right way
  • Capture and understand pipeline changes
  • Evaluate historical data in context
  • Keep in mind transactional and newly won deals

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