[Infographic] The Truth Behind Successful Sales Cadences

The Truth Behind Successful Sales Cadences

A sales cadence is a sequence of sales activities that increase connect and qualification rates. And while every sales rep with a list of customers and a phone thinks they are executing a sales cadence, there’s a lot more thought and strategy that has to go behind a successful sales cadence model. A correctly executed cadence can nearly double your contact rates, shows our data.

The latest InsideSales.com research report, State of Sales Development 2018, polls over 320 companies in an attempt to understand what makes reps successful in their outreach to prospects.

After digging through the data, we found patterns that show six elements that are common to successful sales cadences, and we’ve summed them up in this bite-sized infographic.

Download Infographic: The 6 Elements of Successful Sales Cadences

So download our infographic, print it out, put it on every one of your sales rep’s desks. Every single SDR in the team needs to know:

  • How many attempts should you have for contacting leads, and how long should you persist
  • How much should you wait between contact attempts (spacing) and how quick you should respond
  • What messaging (content) do leads respond to better, and how many media is optimal to increase your chance of contacting prospects

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