The Three Value Conversations That Can Change Everything and How to Get More of Them

The science of decision making is complex but important. Many sales reps chase after traditional sales approaches only to see them fail time and time again. Your reps need something new.

They need to start using data AND science. They need to realize they can take their power back by understanding the science of why people do what they do and changing their behavior accordingly.

Join Tim Riesterer, Co-Author of The Three Value Conversations, and Gabe Larsen, VP of Labs, as they dive into the brain science behind why and how decisions are made.  

Join us for this webcast and you will learn:

  • How top sales reps get more of the right conversations
  • How your sales reps can have the right conversations at the right stage of the buyers journey
  • Why buyers move forward in a sales process and how you can be more intentional to keep your momentum
  • Understand the three value conversations and how you can start using them today

Watch the webinar