Top Account-Based Sales, Marketing and Sales Development Sessions From Last Week’s Workshop

The attendees have spoken. These six, 15 minute sessions had over 2,000 views, from last week’s Account-Based Virtual Workshop. Now, in around an hour, you can learn some of the latest strategies to create a focused account-based sales and marketing strategy.

  • How to Level Up Your ABM Strategy – Richard Harris, SalesHacker; Tonni Bennett  and Sydney Smith, Terminus
  • Executing a Scientific Qualification Process – Gabe Larsen,
  • Account-Based Prospecting – Ashley Minogue, OpenView Venture Partners
  • Building the Ultimate Account-Based Everything Playbook – Brandon Redlinger, Engagio
  • A Consultative Approach to Account-Based Selling – Christian Kinnear, Hubspot
  • Building a Winning Sales Cadence with Video – Terrance Kwok, Vidyard

Watch the webinar