[Case Study] No More Zombie Deals – Cleaning Up the Pipeline Increases Sales by 10%

Ever had that one deal that you’ve been chasing for months, and keeps slipping from quarter to quarter in your pipeline, but never closing? We call it a ‘zombie’ deal, the sales deal that never dies– and unfortunately, the one that doesn’t let you focus on the things that matter.

Data shows that sales reps will keep bad deals in the pipeline 3X longer than good deals. This type of bad sales rep behavior can have a negative impact on management’s ability to accurately forecast sales revenue. Moreover, it impacts productivity and close rates.

When one company in the data protection industry saw their complex B2B deals were leading to inaccurate sales forecasting, they called in InsideSales.com.

They used the AI-powered Predictive Pipeline software to analyze their sales reps’ behaviors and improve productivity and yield based on past customer interactions.

How Weeding Out Bad Deals Increases Revenue

By analyzing billions of data points on past transactions and their outcomes, InsideSales.com’s Predictive Pipeline spotted patterns that allowed sales managers to:

  • Weed out bad deals from the good and free up sales rep’s time to focus on what matters
  • Gain visibility into the pipeline and sales rep’s activities, suggesting sales coaching
  • Increase close amount and speed up the sales cycle, by improving sales rep productivity

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