Sales Email Secrets

What 18 million emails tell us about email prospecting

Did you know you can increase the download rate of your sales emails by 64%, if you send them at 5pm local time? Or that your open rates will be 21% higher if you send them in the afternoon? This becomes very relevant when you learn that most salespeople actually send their emails between 8AM and 9AM in the morning.

At, we analyzed over 18,000,000 emails and found the optimal days and times to send sales emails to increase your open and download rates. This excluded marketing emails sent, and looked only at emails sent by salespeople.

We also looked at subject lines and found the best practices which can make your email headline irresistible and increase your click-through rates (CTR).

You can find all this in our newest research around email, “Sales Email Secrets”.

Download the full research to learn more about sales emails:

  • What are the best days and times for sending sales emails
  • The one word that you can use in your title to increase CTR
  • Should you use attachments or not in your sales email?
  • How you can automate some of these email best practices in sales prospecting


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