The 3 Epic Failures of Sales Forecasting Infographic

Infographic – 3 Epic Failures of Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is one of the most difficult tasks in companies, but it’s no doubt one activity that they need the most. Owners and stakeholders are always looking for predictable and sustainable growth, but sales leaders often fail to deliver.

To understand why forecasts are so far away from reality, we analyzed over a quarter million deals spanning 18 companies and totalling over $18.1bn in revenue.

We found that most of the time, forecasts are a long way away from reality, sales reps are way too optimistic about their deals, and the larger the deal — the less accurate they are about their forecasting.

Download our infographic, “3 Epic Faliures of Sales Forecasting”, to see exactly how sales leaders get it wrong, and why they need better systems for forecasting:
How accurate are today’s sales forecasts, and why?
Which deals are at risk of being inaccurately forecasted?
How can sales leaders get ahead by using AI for predictive forecasting

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