Playbooks for Account Executives

Close More Deals Faster

B2B buyers are more informed than ever. AE’s should be as well. Playbooks helps them stay consistently in front of their contacts and opportunities with structure and with buyer intelligence so they can build better pipeline and close more deals.

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High-Level Benefits for Account Executives 


Engage Opportunities

Opportunities can be auto-enrolled into Plays, and chained together based on progression through sales stages, to ensure they are worked in the best way.


Reliable Data

With the help of automated time-based alerts and activity triggers, nothing slips through the cracks.


Build Better Relationships

Connect with buyers in a personalized way with buyer hints that give you insight into their past behaviors.

Prioritize the Right Tasks

Tasks are given prioritization scores that let you know the next-best-action at all times. Set custom rules and create prioritized activity lists based on those goals, AI scores, or a combination of both. Spend your time effectively with your daily tasks prioritized by what will yield the best results based on data.


Generate and Maintain a Healthy Pipeline

Build a consistent, qualified pipeline by utilizing account-based selling. Engage more effectively with buyer intelligence data insight into who to reach out to in the buying committee and are provided additional contacts who may influence the deal (not in your CRM).

Close More Deals

Playbooks™ guides reps to know who to engage, how to engage, and how to stay focused on the most impactful tasks as opportunities progress through the funnel. Using Playbooks has lead users to a 41% increase in closable pipeline and a 26% increase in closed-won deals.

The Definitive Guide to Sales Cadence Ebook

The Definitive Guide to Sales Cadence

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Remote Selling in a Post-COVID World

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