Lead Follow-up

Quickly Turn the Right Leads Into Opportunities


The Challenge

Reps scorch the earth with spray-and-pray methods that waste time and drive great leads and opportunities out of focus.

Managing lead follow-up and engaging the right prospects is too often a guessing game. Sales teams are prone to increase activity without increasing results. 

Our research shows that successful contact is 100X greater when an attempt is made in the first 5 minutes after the lead shows interest, but too many teams don’t have the systems to take action.

How Playbooks Solves It

Guide lead follow-up with predictive data and consistent processes and automate administrative tasks and alerts.

Playbooks scores the leads and contacts most likely to respond and guides rep engagement according to their buyer’s behaviors and preferences. It can automatically assign leads for personal or shared ownership, enroll records (including opportunities) into Plays, alerts reps to customer activity, and even trigger the best action to take.




Target the leads that are most likely to close. Contacts, accounts, and leads are assigned a comprehensive score that predicts closability, letting reps know what to focus on—boosting not only their productivity but also their results.


Leads and contacts are automatically enrolled into the right Plays based on the account, contact info, or engagement with marketing campaigns and assets for the best outreach. Quick responses may not always be feasible for a rep to do on their own, but with “Robots”, nothing falls through the cracks. Additionally, Shared & Personal Records give teams the ability to automatically designate CRM records for either shared or private ownership, improving capacity management and speed-to-lead.

Multi-Channel Approach

Engage leads with an automated, multi-channel approach. Enroll leads in cadences that include email, social, SMS, phone, video, action alerts, guides, templates, and tracking. Rely on data to know a lead’s preferred method (or methods) of contact and how they are most likely to engage

Buyer Hints

Get unique information on customer profiles, tips on a prospects’ level of influence, and insights into their behavior with Buyer Hints and Buyer Maps. Playbooks also recommends additional contacts who may influence a deal, even if they are not already in your CRM. With these personalized and unique insights, reps can lean on an account-based approach for success.

Customers using Playbooks scoring have seen a 20% increase in win rates.

Make the most of your leads and demo Playbooks today.