PLAYBOOKS™ by InsideSales

Go Beyond Sales Sequences

Playbooks doesn’t just help your sales team get more work done—it helps them get more of the right work done, no matter if they are remote or in the office. Playbooks manages lead follow-up and prospecting cadences, automates administrative tasks, and uses data to predict who, when, and how to engage buyers for the best outcome.


Your Sales Team Powered by AI

Playbooks gives you the tools to build a consistent revenue machine. Rely on buyer intelligence data to guide reps to focus on contacts and activities that are most likely to yield revenue.

All the features you need to increase pipeline, manage opportunities, and engage customers:

Sales Cadence

Organize lead follow-up and prospecting.

Engage your future customers with personalized, multi-channel contact sequences, including phone, email, social, SMS, video, action alerts, templates, guides, and tracking to keep teams organized.

“The amount of time I save through automation is fantastic. I couldn't imagine having to go back and log calls every time I make a dial, or even having to manually dial calls all day. saves time so I can focus on the important aspects of my job.”

G2 Review


Spend time selling and automate the rest.

Automate tasks and processes such as dynamically enrolling and moving contacts between cadences based on CRM and campaign data, updating CRM fields, and sending emails to free up your reps time so they can focus on selling. Records can be assigned for personal or shared ownership—allowing them to always work the hottest leads.


Guide reps to the most impactful activities.

Using custom rules, AI-powered scores, or a combination of both, reps can assign tasks a value and rank them to determine the next-best customer and the next-best-action.

“InsideSales simplifies my day by letting me know exactly who to call.”

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Target the customers most likely to engage and buy.

Propensity scoring uses buyer intelligence data to score accounts and contacts , determining which ones are most likely to engage with reps or their likelihood to close.

Buyer Intelligence

Know who, how, and when to engage.

Get recommendations for additional contacts in a buying group reps should engage with while providing insights into contact behaviors. For example, do they answer phone calls or prefer email? What time of day is best? Is there a better phone number or email address? Playbooks provides answers.


Motivate teams with the metrics you care about.

Create custom leaderboards where reps can earn points and see how they rank—keeping them engaged and motivated in the right behaviors.

“My experience with InsideSales has been great, it gives me excellent insight into my team’s activity, enables me to shadow them daily, and provide feedback; feedback I would not have gathered without this tool. So far, 10/10.”

G2 Review

“Playbooks has enabled us to not only manage our existing process smoothly but also conduct reporting and obtain greater insights on how to improve.”

G2 Review


Measure individual and team performance.

Native CRM reports provide leaders with deep insights into key performance metrics, giving them visibility into the effectiveness of sales activities.

CRM Integration

Seamlessly integrate your CRM with Playbooks.

The most stable, reliable, and secure bi-directional sync eliminates manual data entry and provides reporting beyond aggregate metric reporting.

“The functionality of dialing and sending emails seamlessly with my CRM saves me time and energy.”

G2 Review


The Only Fully Mobile Sales Engagement Solution

Be productive no matter where you are. Check-in on your Plays, track your team’s progress and communicate with the right clients all from your phone.

Data Security

Your data and systems are safe with Playbooks. InsideSales is SOC2 certified and baselines policies governing corporate conduct and security against industry standards such as ISO, NIST, and CoBIT. The InsideSales cloud includes 21 patents and was engineered on a scalable infrastructure that meets enterprise standards in global security, compliance, and data governance.

Data Security

See How Playbooks Compares to Other Leading Solutions

Chart comparing features of Playbooks versus Outreach and SalesLoft

Playbooks™ rated higher than Outreach in all 7 of the following categories on G2 and higher than SalesLoft in 5 of the 7 categories.

How Does Playbooks Impact Your Role?

View of what a task looks like in Playbooks for an SDR

Sales Development

Managers get more visibility into their reps’ performance and actions to know who and what is working. SDRs are led to do more of the right things with custom standardized processes designed to direct them to the best leads.

Account Executive

AEs can effectively build and maintain a healthy and consistent pipeline as they use Playbooks to stay organized and engage more effectively with the right accounts.

An example of prioritized task list in Playbooks for a typical account executive
An example of a task list in Playbooks for an account manager

Account Management

AMs get insight into which accounts are most likely to buy or upsell and how to best engage with them. Activities are structured and automated so they can stay focused on selling.  

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