Improve Customer Relationships

Up-Sell, Cross-Sell, and Renew With Personalized Engagement


The Challenge

Without proper structure and alerts, reps risk letting customers and renewals slip through the cracks.

Being present and proactive are keys to creating healthy relationships that encourage customer retention and expansion. CSMs, AMs, and AEs have to juggle a lot of clients in digital channels, making it difficult to engage in meaningful ways.

How Playbooks Solves It

Personalize engagement with data insights in account-based strategies.

Increase customer retention and help reps understand and serve their customers better with Playbooks™. Reps can have more personalized interactions with customers when armed with insights into their buyers’ behaviors and when structured within strategies designed for their accounts.




Rely on “Robots” to automate alerts, triggers, and activities to ensure too much time never passes without contacting a client. Reps are prompted to act with triggers that alert them when activity occurs on an account or when a certain amount of time passes without any activity. Automate renewal workflows to ensure customer retention.

Buyer Hints

Get critical insights into customer behaviors and preferences. Reps can personalize engagement for each client to build a relationship in a way that works for them. Buyer Hints give recommendations for when and how to engage for a positive outcome.


Schedule emails to automatically send at the times they are most likely to be opened and responded to. SmartSend relies on data to determine the best time to send communications for each client.

CRM Sync

All rep activity and customer interactions are automatically recorded in Playbooks and in your CRM. Reps can have a detailed history and accurate record of all customer relationships.

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