Playbooks for Sales Development

Guide Engagement and See More Results

SDRs work more effectively with structured activities and guided engagement. They can easily work inbound and outbound leads, connect with and qualify prospects quickly, and increase productivity.

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High-Level Benefits for Sales Development  


Improved Lead
Follow Up

Quickly connect to your best leads with the right message, when they’re most likely to engage, and in the channels they’re most likely to communicate


Intelligent Outbound Prospecting

Be more effective in outbound prospecting by prioritizing leads, contacts and accounts in order of the next-best-action to maximize your return on effort


Increased Productivity

Get more of the right things done in a day by following structured processes and by automating tasks like data entry, record enrollment and activity alerts

Create and Close More Pipeline

Book high-quality appointments and create more closeable pipe by automatically enrolling leads into their ideal Plays, routing them to the right reps, personalizing engagement at scale, and by structuring and prioritizing engagement with multiple people across multiple platforms. Use advanced automation, not for email spamming but for administrative tasks and to progress records through workflows, saving time and helping your team focus on sales.


Do More of the Right Things 

Ramp new reps quickly and guide them with customized and standardized processes that direct them to the prospects, customers, and tasks that will lead to results. Playbooks alerts reps to activity on any CRM record, triggers the appropriate follow up action, and uses predictive AI to remove guesswork, helping them optimize engagement in ways that produce results. Records can be “personal” or “shared”—meaning they can be assigned to a shared bucket that anyone can draw from. This ensures that reps can work on the hottest leads and nothing slips through the cracks if a rep is out of the office or bogged down with other work.

Get More Visibility Into Performance

Managers get more visibility into their reps’ performance and daily actions, giving them insight into exactly what’s working and what’s not. With custom reports in CRM and activity insights in Playbooks, monitor performance and outcomes over any period of time. Drill into the data by team, rep or region, and quickly assess adherence to, and effectiveness of, your engagement by Plays, templates and much more.

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