Playbooks for Marketing

Improve the Quality and Consistency of Lead Follow-Up

Successful alignment and handoffs across your customer lifecycle begin with marketing. Playbooks improves the quality and consistency of your lead follow-up efforts with data, predictive scoring, reporting, testing, and much more. Kick your buyer-centric strategies off right.

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High-Level Benefits for Marketers

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More Conversations
and Opportunities

Increase and optimize outreach as leads are consistently added to the right cadences and contacted with the right number of touches.


Reliable Data

Get insights into which leads are working and optimize demand generation. 


Align Messaging

Create consistent messaging and content to align sales reps and ensure repeatable success.

Optimize Lead Follow-Up

Deploy the right contact strategies to make the most of your lead follow-up. “Robots” automatically enroll leads, accounts, and opportunities into the cadences for quick and personalized outreach. Records can be kept “personal” or “shared—allowing the option to have leads in an unassigned bucket that any rep can draw from.


Go Beyond Lead Scoring

Spending more money on leads is not always the answer. Providing leads that convert to opportunities is. Propensity modeling, fueled by our collective data and AI, prioritizes the leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and tasks by those most likely to yield positive outcomes.

Identify Buying Units 

Enterprise buying committees have grown significantly in the last few years. Account-based marketing is all the rage. Playbooks identifies additional contacts who may be critical to generating pipeline and closing deals, even if they’re not in your CRM, changing your lead-based approach to a true account-based motion.


Align Marketing and Sales 

Sales and marketing are aligned in their efforts with improved lead follow-up, more personalized outreach, and a unified message. Standardize repeatable processes across teams and A/B test content and messaging to ensure consistent success and better results.

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