Opportunity Engagement

Guide reps to Engage the Right Opportunities in the Right Ways.


The Challenge

Broken processes and inconsistent engagement exposes you to the risk of opportunities slipping through the cracks.

Often, when opportunities become stagnant or fail to close, it’s the result of a broken process. When sales stages or steps are standardized, teams don’t, or can’t, always enforce them. And progressing opportunities doesn’t always follow a smooth transition with logical next steps and milestones. This leads reps to waste time, to deliver inconsistent messages and experiences, and revenue drops.

How Playbooks Solves It

Automation, data, and engagement strategies built on the opportunity object enforce adherence to process and smooth transitions through your pipeline.

You can define the rules in Playbooks to auto-enroll opportunities into the appropriate Plays and auto-progress them by stage. Automation alerts, including time-based alerts, help reps stay on top of their workloads. Automation triggers inform reps actions they need to take to keep deals moving. And data insights give reps insights to engage buyers on opportunities effectively.


"Conversion data and metrics are what we empower our own clients to monitor, and therefore we understand its key to successful sales. The unique use of AI and opportunity based engagement with Playbooks enables CISION to grow in the most effective ways."

Lauren Futris
Senior Director of Commercial Operations at Cision.



Automate the enrollment and progression of opportunities and accounts based on sales stage and trigger engagement based on opportunity status, time in stage, or other custom pre-defined parameters.

Activity Alerts

Get alerts when activity occurs on an opportunity or account. This includes time-based prompts (e.g. engage the buying committee for an opportunity when too much time has passed without any activity. Ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and keep each account happy.


Reps can rely on scoring to focus on opportunities most likely to close, and divert attention away from deals not likely to win. AI-based scores predict the closeability of opportunities and allow reps to prioritize their time where it will produce results.


Enroll opportunities in “Plays”—the primary structure for stages of progress with personalized, automated, and multi-channel contact sequences including email, social, SMS, phone, video, action alerts, guides, templates, and tracking.

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