Outbound Prospecting

Combine Guided and Automated Outreach to Increase Results


The Challenge

Contact attempts often fall flat, reps give up too soon and they waste time on the wrong leads.

Without personalized outreach backed by data, your contact attempts are much less likely to land—meaning less quality pipeline and slower sales cycles. Reps may be wasting their time with untargeted and unwanted outreach to the wrong accounts

How Playbooks Solves It

Engage the accounts and people most likely to connect and buy.

Playbooks removes a lot of the guesswork from prospecting, and guides reps with insights into their buyer’s behaviors. It will automate a lot of the mundane and administrative tasks that soak up reps’ time and gives them the structure to consistently repeat their best outcomes.



Buyer Hints

Stand out with personalized prospecting. Buyer Hints includes insights into individual customer profiles, like tips about their level of influence in an account and their engagement preferences. Pair with Buyer Maps, it will suggest additional contacts who may influence a deal, even if they’re not in your CRM.


 All rep activity is seamlessly and automatically recorded with a stable bi-directional sync in real-time, ensuring that every activity and interaction is recorded in Playbooks and in your CRM. Playbooks captures data, enriches it, and augments your CRM to drive ROI. 


Automate outreach and ensure engagement happens at the best time (for each contact) with SmartSend powered by AI. Emails and prerecorded voicemails are sent when a prospect is most likely to open and respond. Our SmartSend functionality has enabled users to increase open rates up to 21%.


Engage prospects and accounts with personalized, automated, and multi-channel contact sequences including email, social, SMS, phone, video, action alerts, guides, templates, and tracking.

Playbooks users saw a 31% lift in revenue

Make the most of your leads and demo Playbooks today.