Playbooks for Sales Leaders

Lead Your Team With Data and Increase Revenue

Playbooks™ arms sales leaders with insight and data to implement winning sales processes. With more visibility into their team and intuitive capabilities, sales leaders can build a repeatable revenue machine that leads to consistent success from their reps.

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High-Level Benefits for Sales Leaders


Better Pipeline

Identify bottlenecks, stop leaks, and keep opportunities moving through the pipeline with consistency.


Shortened Sales Cycles

Use buyer intelligence to predict behaviors and know the next-best-action to move leads through the sales cycle quicker.


Higher Conversion Rates

Improve your sales model and increase conversion rates with the right data guiding your team. 

Insight Into Rep Activity 

Apply custom measurements to see exactly what reps are doing, who is having success, which activities are leading to results, and where your team can improve. Leaders can structure reps’ activity around best practices and turn their focus to the right leads with custom prioritization. This greater visibility into reps’ performance allows leaders to coach reps on the right behaviors that will lead to consistent success.


Enforce and Measure Consistent Processes 

The combination of increased visibility and predictive data allows leaders to enforce and measure processes at scale. Leaders are able to align teams and ensure consistency with standardized messaging and processes. Prompt reps to take action with customized triggers based on buyer intelligence data. Configure custom KPIs, quickly organize and scale teams, and easily train new reps.

Back-Up Your Decisions With Data 

A reliable CRM integration with bi-directional sync enhances the value of your CRM and enables you to do more with more information. Native CRM reports and in-app activity reports display real-time performance insights that allow sales leaders to fine-tune their sales processes, confidently coach their sales teams, and drive adoption with an intuitive UI/UX.


Motivate With Gamification

With the native gamification engine built directly into Playbooks, leaders can motivate reps with some friendly competition. Scorecards give reps the chance to earn points and rank on the team’s leaderboard based on their performance. Leaders can create custom challenges based on daily dials, closed revenue, booked meetings, or other important metrics. Inspire reps with visibility of their efforts, performance-based rewards, and some gamification of everyday activities.


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