Motivate Teams With Scorecards  

Use gamification scorecards to motivate reps, increase your team’s visibility, and inspire some friendly competition. Reps earn points and a ranking on the team’s leaderboard based on their performance.

Focus on Metrics That Matter

Scorecards give you the tools to motivate reps around the metrics you care about most. Create custom KPI’s for reps to earn points and to rank on your team’s leaderboard, and use Power Anthems and Power Hours for additional excitement.

Use Gamification to keep reps engaged and encourage friendly competition


Your team’s performance is ranked on leaderboards updated in real-time. This high-visibility motivates reps to step up their game and improve results.

Custom KPIs

Arm reps with custom KPIs based on the metrics that will lead to an increase in revenue. When they meet these custom KPIs, they earn points and rankings.

Challenges and Contests

Sales managers can create challenges related to daily dials, closed revenue, booked meetings, and other KPIs. Reps can work towards earning rewards and badges through their performance.

“My experience with InsideSales has been great, it gives me excellent insight into my team’s activity, enables me to shadow them daily and provide feedback; feedback I would not have gathered without this tool. So far, 10/10”

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Ready to see how your team performs with scorecards?