Shared Records

Want Better Win Rates? Accelerate Your Lead Response Times

A successful contact is 100X more likely when an attempt is made in the first 5-minutes after a person or an account shows interest. Is your team making that happen? Playbooks offers the flexibility to auto-assign records for shared or personal ownership and prioritize urgent tasks so you get to the right leads fast.


The First-Ever Shared and Personal Records Capability in Sales


Work Your Best Leads Quickly

What happens to hot leads that are assigned to a rep who’s out of office? Or to a rep who falls behind? They’re locked up and you’re locked out. Don’t lose deals because your tech can’t help you sort out the ownership of records. Ensure your best leads and prospects don’t go cold or slip through the cracks.

With the flexibility of Shared & Personal Records, you can assign leads to individual reps or tackle hot inbound leads as a team. Urgent Tasks for Shared Records will round-robin until they are worked, and you’ll never worry about leaving money on the table.

Manage Rep Capacity

High-performing reps can blow through their assigned leads quickly while others get bogged down. In Playbooks, any rep can work from a shared pool of records—giving high-performers the most opportunity for success while reducing bottlenecks and increasing your teams’ efficiency.

Segment Lead Strategy

No two prospects are created equal. With the explosion of ABM, teams are pursuing hyper-targeted account-based strategies, but they can’t afford to dismiss the occasional influx of interested buyers. Playbooks lets you segment customers with unique workflows. Assign ABM accounts for personal rep ownership while giving your team the flexibility to jump in and help work hot inbound leads. Playbooks can assign a priority level to records based on rules, embedded propensity scores, or both—so you build more pipeline and close more deals.

Ready to shorten your lead response time?