Introducing Shared Records: Simplified Speed-to-Lead for High-Volume Sales

50% of buyers still choose the vendor that responds first. How do you make sure you’re first?

Since contact and qualification rates plummet by 100x after the first 5 minutes, shortening your speed-to-lead is key.

The problem: Buyers aren’t sending you signals of interest until they’re already 60-70% through their buying decision. Your ideal window to engage buyers is shrinking. 

And too many teams allow hot leads to turn cold—assigning leads is a bottleneck, reps get bogged down, leaders don’t have enough visibility or control. 

These practices cause high-volume muscles to atrophy! 

You shouldn’t have to wait for someone to manually assign leads. And you don’t want to lose traction because the assigned rep is out of the office or backed up with overdue tasks. Maybe you shouldn’t even assign some leads to a specific rep in the first place!

Whatever the diagnosis, you can make life easier for yourself by adopting a more flexible approach.


We’re excited to announce the first Shared Records capability in sales engagement. It amplifies your ability to provide coverage of records and to easily drive a faster speed-to-lead.

And it extends the value of our Personal Records and Urgent Tasks capabilities already available in Playbooks. Here’s what they look like together:

Shared Records works alongside Personal Records and Urgent Tasks in Playbooks to give you a much more robust way to manage lead response.

Automatically assign strategic leads and accounts to individual reps, or keep them unassigned, in a shared bucket for anyone to work. 

Mark either “personal” or ”shared” tasks as urgent so they get prioritized, and so you can automatically alert reps when tasks are overdue.

Here’s why sales leaders AND their reps are pumped for this…


Today, managers or admins have to manually assign records to individual reps—unnecessarily wasting time 

If that time is stretched even a little, leads will become cold. 

And when they’re assigned to a rep who goes on a vacation, or is out sick, or simply falls behind, those leads, again, become cold. 

Prospects and customers move on. 

The window shuts.

Revenue slips. 

In Playbooks, you can automate time-sucking administrative tasks with Robots. You can also assign records for personal or shared ownership based on rules you define. 

Let’s say you’ve just completed a webinar or a virtual event and you have a huge influx of leads to sift through. You probably don’t care which of your reps reaches out, as long as someone does quickly.

In this case, you can set the rule for a Robot to have all leads from the event automatically assigned to the Shared Records bucket. They’ll get enrolled into the right Play and will be prioritized. Shared Records with Urgent Tasks will round-robin from rep to rep until somebody gets to it. 

No more bottlenecks. No more manual processes. No more unnecessary delays. Just speed-to-lead and a much higher chance of closing deals.


Like all our product developments, we first tested out the concept for Shared Records with customers.

Here’s what Brian Browne, Sr Manager, Americas Marketing BD at VMWare said:

“Our reps always have a set number of strategically assigned leads, but once they work those leads, Shared Records will give me the flexibility to send them to the well. With a single click, my hardest working reps will have the most opportunity for success. And I’ll never have to worry about leaving revenue on the table.”


Want to see how Shared Records on Playbooks can help supercharge your team’s productivity and accelerate revenue?

If you’re a XANT customer already, I have good news: You’ll have access to Shared Records in a couple of weeks! Talk to your Customer Success Manager to get started.

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