PeopleFinder Gives Reps a Continuous Pool of Relevant Contacts to Help Them Connect with the Right People

Reps want to spend time selling and closing. To do that, they need a continuous pool of contacts. And not only that, but they need the right contacts. A tool like PeopleFinder gives them the ability to do just that. No more guessing, just connecting with the right people.


Sales reps spend on average 35.2% (or ⅓) of their time selling. That’s only 14-hours in a 40-hour workweek. Meaning they spend nearly 65% of their time on other activities—including looking for contacts. 

Even when they have contacts, reps can still run into time-wasting roadblocks like targeting the wrong prospects or getting deep into a deal only to find there are other important members of buying committee that they haven’t considered.

So, how do you ensure reps aren’t wasting time and focusing on the right contacts? 

That’s why we crafted PeopleFinder. 


PeopleFinder provides intelligent contact recommendations to reps reducing wasted time and quickly connecting reps with the prospects most likely to engage. 

The number of people in the buying committee has surged in recent years, leaving many reps to fall short of closing deals simply because they don’t reach enough of the right people. For example, if you have two key contacts on file, Playbooks will identify and provide contact information (validated with third-party data) for additional decision-makers who can influence the deal—significantly increasing your chances of closing the deal. This contact information comes with information about the individual such as their level of influence, role in the deal, etc. 


When a rep logs onto Playbooks, there is a yellow, clickable “NEW” on the menu—when clicked it provides all-new, recommended contacts that haven’t been used yet. 

PeopleFinder is a massive time saver that solves the issues of reps wasting time looking for contacts or tracking down the wrong ones. XANT’s Buyer Intelligence draws from the records of all users of XANT tech to build buyer profiles and identify individuals who might be part of the buying group or other contacts information for other similar personas—this information is then verified with third-party data. Recommendations include contacts outside of their CRM.

Simply put: PeopleFinder suggests the next best person to contact, additional members of the buying group, and provides their level of influence in the deal to help reps get to selling faster and close more deals. 

PeopleFinder is the secret superpower your reps need to get more of the right things done. Demo Playbooks today to learn more about PeopleFinder, Buyer Intelligence, and what your team needs to take the guessing work out of selling and close more deals. 

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