XANT Announces PeopleFinder, a New Buyer IntelligenceFeature That Recommends Additional Contacts in the Buying Group

SILICON SLOPES, Utah, May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — XANT, the enterprise leader in Guided Sales Engagement, announces the release of PeopleFinder, a Playbooks feature that identifies buyer behaviors and recommends additional ideal contacts for reps to engage so they can stop guessing and focus on selling.

As part of the Playbooks Buyer Intelligence suite, PeopleFinder identifies individuals who may be part of the buying group, contacts that hold similar positions or were involved in similar deals, their influence and role in an account, and other relevant insights. It then provides verified recommendations from those insights, even if the contacts are not in the reps’ CRM.

Buyer Intelligence has long been a cutting-edge differentiator for XANT. It uses insights from all interactions on the platform to build comprehensive buyer profiles. Insights are then verified with third-party data, anonymized, and encrypted to preserve personal information.

“PeopleFinder saves reps from wasting valuable selling time looking for prospects or targeting the wrong ones,” says Chris Harrington, CEO of XANT. “A rep can log on and immediately get contacts recommended that are relevant to their most recent targeting, additional members of the buying committee, or existing contracts that are up for renewal. No time is wasted, they just go straight to selling.”

“We saw a need in the sales industry to connect reps to buyers faster,” comments Mark Littlefield, VP of Product Management at XANT. “PeopleFinder automatically gives reps new contacts regularly right in their Playbooks menu. They can immediately have the contacts’ name, title, account, company, role in the buying committee, and any phone number or email connected with that contact before them. No more wasted time, just connecting with prospects. It’s a massive time-saver for reps.”

Find more information on PeopleFinder and Playbooks here.

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