Aurea Software Revives InsideSales Brand, Retires XANT

AUSTIN, TEXAS (PRWEB) OCTOBER 04, 2021 — Aurea Software, Inc., the ”Netflix of business software,” today announced a major branding update that will return the recently acquired XANT to its widely recognized and respected original name: InsideSales.

After closing on XANT in August 2021, Aurea announced their intention to rebrand the company to InsideSales to its current customers based on the heritage, trustworthiness and success of the original brand. InsideSales is now a critical pillar in Aurea’s future of commerce solutions portfolio, helping to create B2C-like buying experiences for B2B transactions.

“InsideSales is a storied name in enterprise software,” said Aurea CEO Scott Brighton. “Over the course of 15 years — from 2004 to 2019 — it became one of the most recognizable brands in the industry. We’re excited to honor that track record of success, innovation and commitment to improving how B2B enterprises sell to each other by restoring the classic brand name immediately.”

Aurea purchased XANT, once valued at a peak of nearly $2 billion, on their quest to create B2C-like buying experiences for B2B transactions. Products like PlayBooks™ — which optimizes sales representative contact rates through powerful AI — are now critical components of Aurea’s Future of Commerce library.

The library includes more than a dozen software solutions like InsideSales, Infer, and FirstRain, enabling B2B salespeople and marketers to target and engage prospects across the entire sales and marketing funnel more intelligently. InsideSales technology will help bridge the all-important gap between marketing and sales engagement — the initial prospect contact.

As part of the rebrand, the domain and website will be retired in favor of an updated experience at

About Aurea Software

Aurea was founded with the singular vision of helping businesses succeed in today’s complex digital landscape. Our customers enjoy access to every product in our portfolio – all of which are cloud-based, enterprise-scale, and easy to use – with one simple subscription. Our unique AureaOne operating model and acquisition strategy ensure that our portfolio continues to grow, so we can continue to provide competitive advantage and differentiated results for our customers no matter what the future holds.

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