LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

Sales reps spend quite a bit of time in different applications besides email and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Most reps will use at least a half dozen different solutions per week. What if you could get your best and most useful sales tools to work together so you spent less time on busy work and more time closing deals? Now you can, with LinkedIn Sales Navigator integrated into InsideSales Playbooks.

InsideSales Playbooks is a sales cadence tool powered by Collective Intelligence that allows enterprise sales teams to automate tasks and create customized sales sequences called plays that are used for increasing connect rates with prospects. Playbooks includes predictive features such as:

  • Lead scoring and prioritization
  • Best next step, contact method and messaging
  • Best time to email or call
  • Email, clicks and attachment tracking
  • Includes social media steps into cadences
  • Daily activities dashboard
  • Activity reports and gamification

The integration allows Playbooks to display information about your contacts and accounts directly from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, so that you can get the best possible experience while conducting all of your important pre-call research.

The integration highlights the insights that matter most to your closing capabilities:

  • Important updates from your prospect
  • Notable events
  • Similar connections.

This means less time spent changing tabs, and more time engaging in meaningful conversation with your prospects!

“Up-to-date data is critical in today’s interconnected digital economy;” shared InsideSales CEO and Founder Dave Elkington. “Real Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the combination of data, science and applications that meaningfully impact outcomes for an individual or team.  LinkedIn Sales Navigator people and company data is now presented seamlessly inside of Playbooks. That means sales professionals using Playbooks will be more effective accelerating their sales motion with LinkedIn Sales Navigator insights.”Incorporate LinkedIn Sales Navigator functionality directly into your Playbooks plays:

  • Include a LinkedIn InMail step in your cadence
  • Include a LinkedIn invitation step in your cadence

Get Started...

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration is available out of the box--no setup required. Simply log in using your Sales Navigator credentials.*

*Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise license required. Not an existing customer? Sign up for a free demo.