STUDY 2021

Conversion rates are
8x greater in the first five minutes.

See what else we learned about lead response and customer engagement from over 50 million sales interactions and outcomes.

STUDY 2021


Conversion rates are
8x greater in the first five minutes.

See what else we learned about lead response and customer engagement from over 50 million sales interactions and outcomes.

Lead Response Still Matters.

What do you need to win the lead response game?

In our 2021 Lead Response Research, we reviewed over 55 million sales activities on 5.7 million inbound leads at 400+ companies and found that 57.1% of first call attempts occur after more than a week. After just 5 minutes, conversion rates drop by 8X. That’s a lot of missed revenue.

In this infographic, we emphasize the importance of quick lead response, showing that conversion rates jump more than 8X if attempted in the first 5 minutes as opposed to waiting between 5 minutes and 24 hours. Yet only 0.1% of inbound leads are actually engaged in under 5 minutes. That’s right: only 0.1%!



Maybe we simply didn’t realize what we were leaving on the table. Maybe we over-rotated on targeted ABM strategies at the expense of speed-to-lead. Marketing automation shouldn’t replace meaningful and quick sales engagement.

We need to get back to our roots and strike while the iron is hot!
But how do we do that when most sales outreach tools are not built for it?

View the study to learn the best practices of lead response management and discover how Playbooks is the only guided sales engagement solution built for speed to lead.

Need help getting to buyers faster?

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Shared Records for Faster Response Times.

Digital marketing campaigns, like virtual events, can create an influx of leads, but bottlenecks in assigning and working those leads can make them turn stale quickly.

Even though conversion rates are 8x higher in the first 5-minutes of submission, managers and admins waste time manually assigning leads, and after they’re assigned reps can fall behind, locking the rest of the team out. Leads sit, go cold, and revenue slips.

What’s the answer? Shared Records, which helps teams...

Work Every Lead: Designate records with different priority levels based on rules you determine (which can include AI scores)—auto-assign leads from target accounts to individual reps and hot inbound marketing leads to a shared pool for the entire team.

Prioritize the Best Leads: Prioritized Shared Records can be marked as urgent, with tasks that round-robin across the team until they are worked.

Manage Rep Capacity: With records in a shared pool, reps won’t get bogged down or locked out. High-performing reps can blow through their leads quickly and continuously draw from the shared pool.


“With a single click, my hardest working reps will have the most opportunity for success. And I’ll never have to worry about leaving revenue on the table.”

Brian Browne


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