9 Steps For Managing Your Leads Effectively

What does it mean to manage a lead effectively? Listed below are the 9 steps to follow when managing your leads.

1. Lead Generation: any of a number of marketing or sales methods used to generate inquiries.

2. Lead Inquiry: a person provides contact information inviting a response.

3. Lead Capture: the method whereby contact information from an inquirer is gathered.

4. Lead Scoring: the practice of grading and prioritizing an inquiry prior to a response to a lead from your sales department.

5. Lead Routing: the geographical, skills-based, random, or other decision process whereby an inquiry is assigned to a rep for response.

6. Lead Distribution: the method used to send inquirer information to a rep for response.

7. Lead Response: the practice of responding immediately, consistently and at optimal times to optimize contact and qualification ratios.

8. Lead Nurturing: the practice of persistently marketing over time to increase awareness, education, and need using ‘permission-marketing’ strategies and tactics.

9. Lead Tracking: the process of gathering key performance indicators and metrics on sources of leads their progress towards sales closure.

We will be reviewing each lead management step in depth. If you have any questions or comments about any of these steps, please, leave them in the comments—we’ll be writing in depth about each subject, if there is one you are would like to know more about now please let us know and we’ll focus on that one.

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