Accelerate 2018 Summit Kicks Off With New AI for Sales Technology Reveal

XANT announced the next generation of AI technology for sales leaders at the company’s annual growth summit, Accelerate. The new technology would help sales managers and directors get actionable insights on their performance as compared to industry and cross-industry data.

Real-Time View of Sales Performance

This groundbreaking technology will offer leaders a real-time view of performance and actionable AI recommendations to build pipeline and close deals.

“We’re continuously raising the bar on what the future of sales performance looks like,” said Dave Elkington, CEO of XANT, according to a company press release. “We want teams using artificial intelligence to be able to see, in real time, how they are doing compared to other companies in their industry—and how AI is making a difference to their sales efforts.”

“This technology will tap into the trillions of anonymized data points we’ve collected from thousands of companies to create benchmarks for key performance indicators in each industry,” Elkington continued. “Sales leaders and professionals will be able to see instantly how their team is performing and what the AI engine recommends they change to be successful.”

The Key to Going Beyond the CRM

Suaad Said the company’s Growth President, shows he is excited about the new feature for the XANT platform. At a time when data shows sales reps spend only 35 percent of their time selling, this new technology will allow sales reps to measure their performance against industry standards and know what changes they need to be successful.

“With the seismic shift in buyer behavior, XANT goes beyond the limitations of CRM reporting and the confines of business intelligence solutions to help sellers sell in the way buyers buy,” said Suaad Sait, President of Growth, XANT.

XANT is demonstrating the new technology at Accelerate, the company’s annual executive growth summit at Snowbird (Utah, March 5-8).

The company is accepting beta registrations for the new feature starting Tuesday, March 6, during the Accelerate summit.

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