The Secret to Winning in B2B Sales: The Human Touch

Data shows that B2B sales leaders using digital strategies effectively enjoy five times the growth of their peers who are not at the cutting edge of digital adoption. Digital sales is certainly rocket fuel for growth, but does that mean that you should invest heavily in digital sales and just forget about consultative, face-to-face selling? The truth is, the best inside sales organizations are seeing amazing success by blending digital sales with old-school field sales.

Data from management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company shows that organizations that add the human touch to digital sales consistently outperform their peers. They achieve five times more revenue and eight times more operating profit. For public companies, this approach brings twice the return to shareholders. What’s more, this data holds true over a four- to five-year period.

However, many sales organizations have trouble with integrating digital sales systems with a classic face-to-face selling approach. When does a customer want to browse through your website and get a data sheet, and when do they need some help talking to someone about a pricing plan? You need accurate data to make these decisions.

The Secret to Winning in B2B Sales: Join our Webinar!

Candace Lun Plotkin, Director of Knowledge at McKinsey & Company will reveal how companies can combine the benefits of sales automation with the human touch for outstanding sales results. She will also discuss specific implications and opportunities for inside sales.

Join the webinar hosted by XANT to learn:

  • When exactly do B2B customers prefer to self-service, and when do they need to talk to a seller (whether FTF or inside sales)?
  • What do B2B buyers see as the most annoying sales practice?
  • How do you re-wire traditional inside sales channels, technology and content to deliver fantastic customer experience?

The Secret to Winning in B2B Sales: The Human Touch

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