How To Build Your Brand Story w/Amiet Chevrier @Digital Brew

Brand building is tough, but with the right tools and tricks, it can get easier. In this episode of Sales Secrets, Amiet Chervier shares his best practices in telling a brand story through video. Keep reading to find out more.

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In this article:

  1. Understand the Whole Process of Brand Building
  2. Adopt Best Practices for Brand Storytelling Using Video
  3. Breaking Down the “Top Three”
    1. Brand Story Video
    2. Success Reel
    3. Explainer Videos
  4. Injecting Video Into the Sales Process
  5. Why People Aren’t Using Video in Sales
  6. Give Projects a Personal Touch

Brand Building | Telling Your Brand Story Through Video Best Practices

Amiet Chevrier has been with Digital Brew since 2015 and has proudly bagged an Emmy® Award Winning Team sixteen times. He’s a flagship video content creator, advisor, and an award-winning thought leader.

Inside Sales has also awarded Amiet as one of the Top Sales Development Reps in the 2018 Sales Development Awards. This is based on almost 20,000 votes and qualitative feedback on thought leadership.

Understand the Whole Process of Brand Building

I asked Chevrier to share some of the foundational pieces of being successful in a role like his.

He highlighted the importance of understanding the whole process of sales and building brand awareness. This includes knowing and servicing your client from start to finish.

He recalled how he learned this important lesson in his experience from his first sales professional role.

During his sales training back then, he was taught to stick to a script to clients perfectly.

Initially, he didn’t like being scripted when he talked to his clients. He wanted to have normal conversations without anyone policing him.

But, as he went along in his career, he realized the wisdom behind scripts – it’s part of a process. He understood how using scripts may also be an important sales strategy.

Scripts matter because it serves as a tool in your tool belt for certain marketing situations. How you present to your clients would help you relate to them better.

Adopt Best Practices for Brand Storytelling Using Video

man making a video | How to Build Your Brand Story w/Amiet Chevrier @Digital Brew | sales development | brand building

Using video to promote your brand

Since Chevrier is a well-known video content creator, I asked him about his insights on using videos as content for brand building and marketing.

I then asked a follow-up question – what are the best practices, strategies, or trends that he thinks would be interesting for the audience to know about video?

According to him, every brand will go through the same discovery of video at some points, and they’ll start to think about:

  • What kind of video they’ll need
  • Where they’ll be using it
  • When they’ll be showing the video

Whatever the situation, Chevrier recommends that people account for different attention spans. It’s important to consider where the video is being played and how marketers can leverage that time to explain the problem, how you can provide the solution to the audience, and encourage them to reach out to you.

Audiences on different platforms may have different thresholds for content. Thus, when it comes to posting content, the length may vary across platforms such as social media.

So, if you’re thinking of posting a social media video, remember that have to account for a shorter attention span. This may last for just around 8 to 15 seconds on Instagram, while on Youtube, you probably have around 15 seconds to hook the audience.

He answered that one important sales strategy is considering the needs of the client. Valuing the audience is the top priority. We need marketing content that will speak to the audience.

Chevrier also stressed the need to utilize impactful messaging, especially in creating a brand-building strategy.

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Breaking Down the “Top Three”

When it comes to utilizing video, Chevrier shared about his “top three.”

1. Brand Story Video

First, he told me about the brand story video.

This tells your legacy, who the top-down in the company is, and who the major players are. The brand story can show clients how awesome your company is during prospecting or sales development.

It can be three to five minutes docu-short, showcasing your brand. As an example, Chevrier said that, if he were to shoot a brand story video for XANT, he’ll do a one-day shoot and pull organically from the top-down to show the magic that happens behind the scenes.

This type of video is rooted in the fact that people buy people. It aims to show the employees who make the company awesome and to present them as likable and trustworthy people.

2. Success Reel

The second, which also serves as the closing tool, is the success reel where stories of happy and satisfied clients will be featured.

Brand story videos and success reels are typically longer, around two to three minutes. Depending on the industry, audience, or where you’re playing them, they can also be around three to five minutes.

3. Explainer Videos

And lastly, another type of video you can use for sales are explainer videos.

This type of video is shorter, more direct to the point, and catchy.

It can start with the problem statement. And, it can draw viewers more quickly to an explanation during prospecting.

Injecting Video Into the Sales Process

power point presentation | How to Build Your Brand Story w/Amiet Chevrier @Digital Brew | marketing | brand building

Using video in the sales process

When it comes to translating this for sales, Chevrier suggests having video brochures for companies who already have existing video assets. He recommends that sales reps use this instead of the generic spiel to show prospects what their company is all about.

However, he also noted that whether it’s a video or a really cool powerpoint presentation, sales reps need to have something to catch the attention of the audience.

During presentations and engagements, it’s very important to be confident and relatable as well. Show your clients at work that you mean business and that you want them to pay attention.

Why People Aren’t Using Video in Sales

In relation to brand building, I wanted to know more why he felt like some people are not using video in the sales process.

His initial response was “commoditization” and proceeds to discuss businesses who are “successful in spite of themselves.”

Thee companies have grown so fast they hardly had to do much with their marketing. Some companies don’t invest in videos because their products are already part of the clients’ daily life.

According to Chevrier, through videos, you get to be more creative. It also gives you more flexibility in communicating with your clients.

Give Projects a Personal Touch

Lastly, to successfully build your brand, give your projects a personal feel.

Chevrier shared that too many times, sales professionals don’t put themselves in the situation of the person on the other end of the line. They just go in and pitch product immediately.

He added that one question we can ask ourselves during an introduction is, “What’s going on in your end and how can I make this customized for you?” He likens it to being someone’s Google.

He shared that this principle is something he learned from his first mentor.

“I always want to leave my clients better than I found them,” Chevrier said.

To do this, one should always prepare for meetings and learn about the client’s background as well. With enough preparation, we understand who we’re talking to and how to best talk to that person.

We also get to know what it is that makes the other party feels good. Eventually, our audience will feel connected to us, boosting customer loyalty.

If you’re thinking of telling your brand story via video, keep in mind the best practices and principles shared here by Chevrier. Know who will watch your video, as well as where, when, and how they’ll watch it since these can guide you in creating a video that can successfully show the audience what your company is all about.

Are you planning on integrating videos into your sales process? What are some of the things holding you back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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