How to Close BIG Deals w/Jason Krieger @C2FO

We all want big deals right? Big deal have better margins, they stick around longer, and they become better partners. With all the good there is some bad. Big deals are hard to win and they often take a lot longer than smaller deals. There is no secret to win big deals but there are best practices – often learned from the school of hard knocks. Introduce Jason Krieger – an expert when it comes to chasing and winning big deals.In this episode, Jason talks about his sales career and how he’s learned to be a Playmaker winning big deals when others couldn’t.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Preparation and targeting: know enough about your client to ensure that your initial pitch for a meeting is steeped in opportunities to improve or add value to current initiatives. Then target the right function. Have a laser focus on knowing who in the organization is your buyer and where coaches will come from
  • Get internal alignment and set realistic expectations on the resources needed and time needed to invest in relationship building and consultative selling to win this deal. Wherever possible use this time as a way to eliminate rfp activity
  • Have clear value add material based on your research of the company and industry and clear next steps you will ask for post first meeting; which should almost always with a big deal be in person. You can’t sell big deals without being present.
  • You know the steps in the process you need to take to get to a close, but you need to get an internal champion who can help you navigate the buyers politics.
  • Once you have hit critical buy in across functions that have input in the decision, close the business don’t let things linger in evaluation land too long.
  • Along the way get to know your stakeholders as people. Building trust throughout the process is the difference between avoiding and going to an RFP.

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